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Trapped is a state of mind

This is a public service announcement to myself.  When I feel restless.  When I feel constrained.  I hope it might help free you a little too.  From the cage of beliefs that sometimes gets in the way.

You are not trapped.  You only believe you are.  You allow other people and circumstances to keep you captive.  That is a choice.  You are limitless.  

You exist as free as the person beside you.  As free as a bird.

When you feel constriction it is only because you walk in an invisible cage of your own design.  When your soul is locked tight and safe and secure, what you are really capable of is suffocated.

Freedom exists in your mind first before it can be felt in your body.

Freedom is knowing who you are and honoring who you are truly no matter what.  You are the only person that can fulfill the life designated to you.  Once you know that deeply, your excuses will end and your living will begin.

The cage walls of “supposed to” will dissolve.  The steps of your purpose will appear, and you will be wise enough to see them.  You will be brave enough to take them.

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